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Dialapp featured in Play Store!

'Where does the thought to call someone end, and the dialling begin'

Dialapp in now featured in Google Play!

And we have a 4.5 rating. 120 days, 400,000 people who love the app. Millions of suggestions acted on. Dialapp changed the concept of a fast dialler, and we are happy about the success of the suggestions list.
We owe all of you a big thanks, for being there with us on this journey!

After redesigning the call history tab, we focused on solving other issues around contacts and dialling. Tiny contacts (contacts that decay with time) was introduced. We have a better search coming up in the next big up haul, where you can easily hunt down that call you made, standing next to that shop, on that street, sometime last Thursday evening, but forgot to save the number.

Dialapp was an attempt to route some of the learning we had from building Friday, into a simple use case, aimed at solving a core problem. Dialapp makes calling easier. Period.